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The Breakdown

Here at Inca we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services to suit most of our users needs. To this end, we have decided to show you some of the most popular services people use us for, for a full list however; please contact a member of our team.

Serious Email

Our tried and tested email systems offer such advantages as in-line anti-spam systems and anti-virus systems. We offer full support for apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as all blackberry model's. We also have a number of Microsoft Exchange options available.

Web Design & Development

We offer a large range of web design and web development services to customers around the globe. Our years of experience make us absolutely brilliant.

Hosted or in house eXchange.

For those business looking to move to Microsoft eXchange, or for those looking for a company with experience enough to manage exchange, then look no further than our range of Microsoft exchange services.

The Fine Print

Inca Europe Ltd is an independent GB registered company. Whilst we do not use any other resellers or affiliates, we process domain registrations via a number of third party organisations who will have additional terms and conditions that will be applied to your domain registration. For example, domains ending in .uk are governed by Nominet UK, regardless of whether you register your domain with us or any other company. Their specific terms and conditions can be found here. Complaints may be adressed to tellme[at]inca-internet.com. They will usually be responded to within 2 business days by a senior staff member or director. If required, they may be escalated to the relevant country specific registration authority eg Nominet in the case of .uk domains.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to try as hard as we can to make your website/server/emails, the absoloute best that we possibly can. All day long.